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Oh Knott's, Demon Drop moving
Demon Drop moving from Ohio to California

SANDUSKY, Ohio - A fixture on Sandusky's Lake Erie coast for over 25 years, Cedar Point has decided to remove its Demon Drop thrill ride from the park.

Crews will dismantle Demon Drop, which debuted at Cedar Point in 1983, and ship it out to Knott's Berry Farm in Anaheim, Calif., a Cedar Fair sister amusement park in Southern California.

The 10-story elevator shaft freefall ride, located near the entrance of the amusement park, will officially be shut down Nov. 1 after the park's final day of Halloweekends.

Coaster enthusiast blog site Screamscape first reported on the news Tuesday afternoon.

The Demon Drop was made by international coaster and thrill ride designer Intamin AG. Intamin's Demon Drop is considered as a first-generation freefall tower, but over the years technology has pushed the boundaries, creating newer compressed-air tower rides, hypercoasters and streamlined thrill ride design.

"The technology has changed, so we have similar rides like the Power Tower and bigger coasters that will provide the thrill seekers a real good ride experience," said Robin Innes, Cedar Point spokesperson. "While we also thought it would be popular at Knott's Berry Farm, we thought it would give them a different type of ride experience for their guests."

Knott's Berry said the Demon Drop will be installed in early January 2010 and is expected to be operational by Memorial Day 2010. Knott's officials said they will keep the Demon Drop name, color scheme, and theme.

There have been rumors for the past few years that the $2.5 million Demon Drop would be removed from Cedar Point.

Innes is unsure what will replace the thrill ride, but said the land near the park entrance might be used for redevelopment. He said the park has moved rides in the past to make room for roller coasters.

To make room for giga coaster Millennium Force, which opened in 2000, Cedar Point relocated the Ferris wheel